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Jul 20, 2014
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Good day everyone,

I have tried to make sense of a bank reconciliation for a business over the last few weeks and I am having major issues. I'm actually doing a historical bank reconciliation, and funds were considered stolen, however I am still unsure of how to make sense of this, so please - any help will be greatly appreciated.

The following is the information:
Bank Reconciliation July 2011

Balance as per. G/L June 2011 = -340,746.33

Total Cheque Payments for July 2011 = 1,466,477.89

Bank Charges = 387.50, 618.50, 512.50, 550.00, 526.50, 612.50, 500.00 and 1,876.70

Total Deposits = 1,369,507.45
Balance as per. G/L July 2011 = -443,300.97

Outstanding Cheque Payments = 58,279.08, 69,008.29, 51,660.75, 69,588.74, 5,631.36, 63,596.40 and 63,344.80

Outstanding Deposits C/f = 40,911.74

Outstanding Deposits (July 2011) =
1,119.85 and 1,100.00 (Received by bank next month)
Deposit Book value on 22-25/07/2011 = 129,499.84
Total of Deposit (that was received by bank) on 22-25/07/2011 = 127,280.75

1,198.00 (Received by bank next month)
Deposit Book value on 28/07/2011 = 84,202.88
Total of Deposit (that was received by bank) on 28/07/2011 = 83,007.15

86,915.41 (Received by bank next month)
Deposit Book value on 29-31/07/2011 = 112,994.70

Items in Bank Statement not in G/L Deposit = 10,000.00 and 891.25

Shorts in Deposit = 2,417.24

Balance = -211,038.80
Balance as per. bank statement = -186,775.84

Total amount deposited = 1,355,168.16
Total amount withdrawn = 1,247,523.23
Opening Balance = -294,420.77
Closing Balance = -186,775.84

*** I was shown the method on getting the bank reconciliation to balance and followed the EXACT procedure I was shown, re-did it many times and re-checking all the information, so I am very certain that I missed no piece of information, yet for some reason the balance does not ever come back to what is on the statement. There are no missed deposits or anything because I do not see them show up in August 2011's bank statement. I've spent weeks stressed with this, and I really need any help possible. Please, can someone help me or give me any advice on what could possibly be the issue? Any information you may need to balance, please ask and I will provide it.

PS: I think I posted the original thread in the wrong section, so I posted it here instead.



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Aug 5, 2013
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United States
Let's start at the beginning...

When was the last time the bank statement reconciled with the G/L without exception? Did June 30, 2011 reconcile without exception?


Aug 24, 2014
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practically, why do not you attach your excel spread sheet to consider your work?

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