bankruptcy chapter 7 and 13


no one

I own a townhouse valued at 78k and curretnly owe around 65k on it and
have bills in excess of 95k and one vehicle 1993 sports car and no
other assets in a chapter 7/13 situation will I be able to keep the
home also I have a possible case of predijucte against the hoa as they
seem to allow other homeowners to do things to their homes (for which
I was sued) after I was told its now illegal to build in those ways
such as a wooden patio cover and other things along with the hoa only
finding things they can sue for IE debris in the back yard where as in
the common area roots from trees cut down are everywhere and people
trip over them all the time and electric meter boxes with 6-8 meters
hanging off the walls with 1-2" gap between the boxes and the wall and
situations where the board of directors get better service from
maintainence etc on there homes and fail to do upkeep on anyone elses
homes, also fences unless near a board memebers home go to hell and
are never repaired there is a lot of descension within My community.

ty in advance for any advice you may have on these issues

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Keeping the townhouse depends on whether you go Ch. 7 or 13. Right now,
worry about getting out of debt rather than doing any improvements.


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