Bankruptcy Means Test



Our Bankruptcy Means Test will be complete soon.

Has anyone seen the B22a form yet?

It is 6 pages and 57 line items.

Our program, when finished will print out, on the fly, a nice
professional looking B22 in pdf format.

Has anyone tried to fill out the form manually yet?

I would be interested in how long it took.



Brett Weiss

I've done it dozens of times, for practice, on cases I'm filing now. It
takes about 10-15 minutes once you've done a bunch. Come 10/17, when my
software is up and running, it will take no time at all.


* Personal Injury/Malpractice Bankruptcy *
* *
* Attorneys at Law *
* Maryland, D.C. and Federal Bars *
* (e-mail address removed) *
* *
* *
* Small Business Estates & Estate Planning *

The Small Print: This response is for discussion purposes only. It isn't
meant to be legal advice and you shouldn't treat it as such. If you want
legal advice, speak with a local lawyer familiar with your state's laws who
can review *all* of the facts and the law applicable to your situation.

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