batch statuses?



Does anyone have a listing of what the status field of the batch table can
be? In the schema diagrams, I found this as the description of the status:

A four bit flag representing the status of this batch.
If bit 0 is set, the batch is closed.
If bit 1 is set, the opening amounts were entered.
If bit 2 is set, the closing amounts were entered.
If bit 3 is set, the batch was blind closed-out

But this doesn't tell me what the actual values correspond to. For example,
I noticed the status field vary from any of the following: 0, 7, 8, 23.

I assume these correspond to statuses such as open, closed, posted, etc.
But I do not exactly, and I am not sure if there are more statuses.

Is there anywhere I can find these out?




Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

There's an article in the knowledgebase that describes this...
search for article ID 891318


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