Be caution to buy items from an eBay seller with too many feedback!


Garry Ching

On eBay, if a seller has 1 negative feedback with overall 100
feedback, and the other has 10 negative with overall 1000, are they
the same rating as 99%? Well, not exactly ...

What my experience tells me is to deal with the one with 100 feedback,
not 1000 or 10000's power seller. Note that this is just from buyer's
safety and self-protection point of view, nothing against any seller.

We all understand that it is very difficult to satisfy all people in
all times. If a seller has 100 feedback with only 1-2 negative
feedback, it means he/she was working very hard to satisfy the buyers.
It also means that the seller is not selling stuff that much, too
often, so he/she does have time to deal with individual issues. In
addition, because of less feedback posting, his/her first page of
feedback is going away (to become the 2nd page) very slowly, and a
negative feedback becomes very prominent, so of course the seller will
try hard to avoid it.

For a seller with 1000 or even 10000's (power seller), he/she likely
is a professional, full-time seller, who is usually too busy to
resolve every issue. His/Her S&H is usually very high (e.g. $20 S&H
for an $50 item). The most important thing is, if something does go
wrong, your negative feedback does not affect him much, becomes he/she
receives dozens of positive feedback every day, which will quickly
inundate one or two negative feedback, forcing them slid to the 2nd or
3rd page. Buyers usually only view the first page of seller's

Some sellers with high number of feedback are agents of other
retailers. For example, Seller A prepares and posts all auction pages
for a local store Radio Shack, which is trying to get rid off all
returned, out-of-date items online. Whenever a purchase is made,
seller A faxes the buyer's name and address to the store, which then
packs the item and ships. Seller A gets the commission and does
nothing on actual packaging and shipping. He does not care about
feedback. He just sells whatever he can. Local store does packaging
and shipping but does not have time and desire or knowledge to check
eBay's feedback or anything.

This is also generating a weird phenomena at eBay that an item of $5
requires $10 S&H (standard). Big and small, heavy or light, all go
thru UPS, even though the item may be just a refurbished PC card
weighed only 0.3 ounce and can be easily fitted into any foam envelops
and sent by USPS for a postage of $0.60.




Your post has NOTHING to do with MS Money, moron. WTH are you posting this
drivel here?

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