best way to claim for , young, single male

Jul 10, 2007
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First, thank you in advance to anyone whom reads or replies to this question.
I am a young, single, male, with no real estate and no bills other than apartment,cell phone, basic's etc. I have no real deductions other than myself, that is my own fault which I will be trying to correct in the near future.
However I just started a new job that pays a base salary of 30,000 plus commission, my base will move up within a year to 36,000. My commissions usually run between 4,000 and 7,000 per month.
My question is this, how should I file? Should I claim many dependants and put away x amount of dollars each month and earn interest on it only to pay the irs what is owed to them at the end of the year after my deductions or should I do it the old fashioned way and just claim 1. I am very disciplined thus why at 27 I owe no money to anyone, anywhere, anyhow, so I can put the money away. I just would prefer to make money on my own money instead of the irs doing it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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