Best ways to enhance business productivity for CPAs



Tax season turns taxing for CPAs themselves as larger amount of work has
to be managed in the most efficient and error free manner as possible.
Time, IT infrastructure and the top of all the human resources have to be,
not only managed but ensured that customer are satisfied by the service
being offered. Some suggestions regarding these are:

Use outsourced manpower: Using outsourced manpower during peak season may
be better than to have full time regular workers, who cost more and may
need to be trained. Getting a well trained workforce with required skills
that can start the work right from the word go saves a lot of cost and get
the things done in time. The only caution: Quality check.

Have accounting application Hosted: Hosting accounting application such as
QuickBooks, MyOb, and tax software such as Lacerte and Proseries is an
excellent way to use Cloud computing technologies for business growth. For
example QuickBooks hosting allows anytime anywhere access to accounting
files makes collaboration among multiple users possible and comes with
multiple data backup which is more secured compared to local data backup.
On the top of it you get 24×7x365 technical help desk support. Not only
can you manage the business better you are better placed to use outsourced
workforce in a more productive way.

CRM hosting: Just like QuickBooks and tax application hosting, use of CRM
software is an excellent way of managing and responding to customers in a
more efficient way. One may go for CRM software hosting as well. The best
CRM i have identified is ACT! by Sage CRM hosting.

Social networking: Social networking is an excellent tool to know about
the latest business trends, make friends online and recruit cheap and
efficient workers. Use it to increase your business as well. Nothing
promotes your business better than social networking.

Business evaluation: Do not forget to evaluate your business model from
time to time and setting new goals. Aimless business growth may be
straining to the business. So, keeping a tab on business growth,
forecasting future growth is an essential component of today’s business

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