better off in work calculations



I know that I'll probably be better off in work with almost any job I take,
but someone I have to meet keeps pushing "better off in work calculations".

How accuarate is this likely to be? (I don't know the exact name, but I
think it's a website. It's being pushed by a 'job broker' specialising in
IB (not from the JCP, but refered to by them))

I was claiming IB ("I'm"[1] now claiming IS at reduced rate). My wife
claims IB, DLA (care component, middle rate). We have a joint claim for HB
[2] and CTB.

[1] I'm making the claim, but they say it's for a couple, and my wife has
got a letter saying she might have to attend "work focused interviews" at
Job centre plus. A bit odd that they didn't say the same thing to me, when
I'mthe one that they say is fit for work. :-/

[2] We were a bit daft. We got a small flat that has one bedroom, one
sitting room, and _an extra room_. As a couple we get less than either of
us did as individuals when we lived (as singletons) in our tiny one bed
'shared kitchen/diner' room flats. :-(


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