Bill Pay Free Subscription Users


Jody Miller

I currently have free bill pay with my bank but have considered switching to
MSN Bill Pay for the integration with Money. According to the MSN Bill Pay
web site they charge different fees for different levels of service. Which
service comes with the 1 or 2 year free subscription? With the free
subscription will I be able to send bill payments to anyone or just the
vendors on their list?

Thanks in advance




wait a second....for past 25 years i have used automatic
bill payment....
phone/electric/car payment/mortgage/credit cards/etc.
and whenever i can sign up for auto-pay....yes....

can not remember the last time i physcially paid a bill.
or written a check....

Jody Miller

Maybee I wasn't clear. I use NetBank. Free bill pay, but I have to log
onto their web site to use it. With MSN bill pay, my impression is that I
can enter everything directly from Money. Normally wouldnt switch from
something that I get for free anyway but if Microsoft is giving free
subscriptions I thought I would check into it.




Douglas E Wilson

You get the "premium" service, I believe, which does NOT limit you to the
payees on the payees on MSN Bill Pays list.


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