Billing/Statement Question w/Solomon Integration



Here is our company's structure:

Our Corporate Office is being ran by Solomon, we have retail locations that
will be running RMS for the retail counter sales.....We have many customers
that not only call on us for service work, but also will come into the retail
store to purchase products and services....When they make the purchase at the
retail location, I would like them to be able to put their sale "on account",
and once a month we can then bill them for their purchases.

At the month end, I will need to be able to generate a statement that shows
their activity for the month, and a grand total for their purchases......

Wishfully thinking, I would love to be able to have a single line per
transaction descrpition of each sale type statement, and following that, a
custom report showing the actual receipt with the signature of the person who
signed for the item(s) following the statement, so that they can verify that
their sales were ligitimate.

I am quite certain that this would be a custom build, but if anyone has any
thoughts or ideas to share, they would be greatly appreciated, and also,
would this statement billing be able to be done through a more advanced
integration with solomon, so it would not have to be performed at the retail
location, but at the Corporate office?

Thank you


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