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I keep showing old recurring entries on the home page of my money 2006
version. To be more specific, I am showing deposits from my old job as
being "overdue" and "upcoming". How can I get rid of these entries? I
already deleted the recurring deposit from the bills and deposits summary

Please help!



William R Wood

Don't know about M2006 but in M2002, which I use, deleting Bills/Deposits
does not work. Its a bug in the program and I don't believe it has ever
been fixed in later versions. Use the "This Series will end at some point
in time" check box. Pick an end date in the prior year (Dec 31,2005 for
items that you want to remove during 2006). Use 0 transactions remaining.
Sometimes I have to try it twice before Money will accept the 0 transactions

My advice is to never delete a Bill or Deposit. Causes too much grief.

Chris Cowles

M07 includes a function to delete ALL bills or deposits, and ALL vestiges
of old ones. It's a sledge-hammer approach to fix the problem you describe,
and others. It does that. It also trashes your budget and cash flow, if you
have current and/or discontinued bills that affect CFF or Advanced Budget
in ways that you intended.


I just happened across a fix to this (at least, it seems to be the same
problem). In my case, the transaction which had been deleted from
"Bills" still showed up in "Bill Calendar" and "Cash Flow." Tried
deleting or editing from "Cash Flow," but the software never would
comply with either attempt.

Today I happened to look at it from the calendar mode, and was able to
delete. Try this:
From Bills Calendar double click on the day that the bill or deposit is
showing up. Right mouse click on the problem item and select "Delete"
from the drop-down menu.

This worked in my case where no other attempt did (including attempts
to use the repair tool to remove all bills which ended with error
messages that the file couldn't be read or written and deleted no


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