I have a book-keeping question rather than an accountancy question (hope
this is okay):

I am currently studying to work from home as a self-employed book-keeper.

I am following a course that leads to a recognised qualification.

My problem is that there is information everywhere about how to actually
keep books of account, but absolutely nothing that shows you how a
book-keeping business is run.

For instance do you work on a weekly, monthly or other period basis? The
Cashbook and various day books - who keeps these up together? My common
sense says the business proprietor, but things I have read imply
otherwise....? And so on....

Can anyone give me the basics, or point to a website that explains?

Sorry if these seem daft questions, but I really need to know these things
before I can move forward in my studies.

No courses I've seen tell you this. I've tried the library, the internet,
Amazon for books, but there is nothing.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Matt (UK)




Do you know anything about taxes in your country? Have you considered
getting a job first with a bookkeeping firm that established?

There is a LOT more to bookkeeping than just putting things in the
computer, and anyone hiring you would be relying on YOU to be the
expert here. And what you learn in books is fine, but the real world
doesn't always work out like the problems in your accounting books. :(

Personally, because of the huge responsibility involved in keeping
someone's books and the potential consequences if you goof because of
inexperience, etc., I wouldn't even consider trying to go it alone
first. I would never suggest it in a million years. One big mistake
and your reputation will be ruined and your client could be liable for
big money in taxes, etc.

Find a company that has a good reputation and some sharp people working
for it to work under.

I took accounting alot in college, and then went to work in a gov't
agency and in the family business. I have learned a LOT over the years
by working at times with CPA's to get our books in order. You really
should consider working for a time for someone like that before you try
to do it by yourself. What you will learn will really make it

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