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I'm doing the ProAdvisor course, and I like how in-depth it is as to how QB
does things.

But, I know that some of the things I am now studying will fade from memory
if they are things I don't use a lot.

Unfortunately the PA training materials are more set up as an online course
that limits how much you can look into it while doing tests and so on. It is
not a reference book you can find things in and refer to later.

I like to have a good book to hand as a reference book to look into when I
need to find out about a particular area. Like in 6 months when a client
needs a particular thing done, and it is now 6 months ago that I studied

So I'm looking for recommendations for a book on QB that is as in-depth as
the PA course.

Also, I do not have much education in accounting. Just what I have self
studied, which I don't think is enough for me.

So I would like a good book on accounting that I can study or use as a
reference book as I run into things doing bookkeeping that I need to learn

An example would be "book balance". This is a term that came up in the
training, but was not defined in the materials. I found what it means, but
not in any books I have personally.

Another example is the "cash flow report" mentioned in the training. It
looks useful, but I have never used it before. Sometime I will pick it apart
to see how it works so I really understand it, but a book that explains this
kind of thing would be helpful. Then I would better understand how to adjust
accounts to make it report correctly if needed, things like that.




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