Budget Does Not Reflect Credit Card Purchases



I use Microsoft Money 2002. I set up regular monthly
budget to be used with checking acct. Also set up
several credit card accts (as Money suggests). Posts
made to credit card accts (with appropriate budget groups
and categories) are not reflected in my budget.
Therefore, can't keep accurate monthly budget.

For example, I sometimes make grocery purchases with an
ATM card attched to my regular checking acct. On other
occasions, I purchases groceries using a credit card.
When I input the data for a grocery purchase made with my
ATM card, the info is reflected in my budget and I can
track my monthly grocery expenditures. When I input data
in the credit card acct for grocery purchases made with a
credit card, the info DOES NOT post to my budget.
Therefore, I cannot get an accurate picture of monthly
grocery expenditures.

How can I get the budget to reflect expenditures made
from both accounts?




Dick Watson

Check the account details to confirm that the credit card account is "in

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