Budget problem...(M04)


Jeff Clark

My problem is not unique, but I have seen no replies to past posts (nor a
FAQ addressing it)....

In my Budget, I have a recurring payment called "Hydro", which is $128. My
past transactions for Hydro are all $128 per month. When I generate a Budget
Report for any given month (or simply view my Budget for the "Last Month"),
it shows $384. This is happening on LOTS of different categories. I've tried
all the tricks that others have (setup a new budget, setup a new budget in
different ways -- using Recurring Transaction/Default Categories and also
with Categories/Amounts from my Money File).

Any sage advice for this ?

(I'm at wits end...it makes reporting a completely manual task)




Boy...I can't believe this is happening. I have been
using this product for four years now and have never
encountered this "Budget" problem.

Yes, I am having the same problem as you. My budget is
all messed up now. I have even cancelled reoccuring
bills and the amount of the previous bills continue to
show up in my budget. Sometime, the old bill amount is
added to the new bill amount. Now I have a budget for my
mortgage that is TWICE the normal amount. And, I can't
get ride of it.

I am so ripped I am going to download an evaluation of
Quicken. I can't deal with this type of problem. I have
worked around many MS Money problems but BUDGETTING is a
pain when you have to do it manually.

Hopefully someone will reply before I make the dreaded




Hopefully someone will reply before I make the dreaded
OK, I replied. Guess what. Nobody really cares if you switch or don't switch to
Quicken. If you do switch, just make sure you really want to go thru a new
learning curve. Don't do it because you are mad at Money. It is your life and
your time that is involved. Budgeting is broke and has been broke for years.
Most of us just work around it and don't get so involved that their life
depends on it showing a correct number. Good luck. Steve

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