Budget question


Thomas Becker

I have a recurring bill set up for $69.47 for my Cellular service. This
shows up correctly in the budget planner. But when I go to the "Review you
current budget status" page, it says I'm over budget because I only have
$59.99 budgeted, which I think is the original amount I created the bill
for. What's going on? I'm now running M04, but I just upgraded from M02,
and this was an issue then too.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

This might depend on when you made the change to the budget entry. If you
made the change this month, i.e. whilst the budget month was running, the
budget entry will take effect from the next budget month. So, the 59.99 you
originally had would be valid for this month, and the 69.47 from next month.

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