Budget question



When I do my budget in Money it shows a line item -
Transfer into budget accounts and has a negative number.
I've looked at everything trying to figure out what this
is since it is reducing my income on my budget but I
can't figure it out. HELP!! It's driving me nuts.




Check to see all the transfers that you have set up in
Bills and Deposits, and create a listing of the accounts
that are included then go to each of those accounts and
check the set up for each account that those transfers

It appears that one of those accounts, has "include this
account in the budget planner" not selected... the
problem is that changing it may have a negative affect on
something else in your file...

Jeff Durham

One of the issues I found with Budget had to do with it looking at things it
shouldn't. For instance, when paying a credit card, I used a transfer from
my checking account to the credit card. By changing this to a withdrawal
with a category of "Credit Card Payment: accountname", budget properly
ignored this in the transfer into and out of budget accounts. A credit card
payment is essentially the same thing as a transfer. This is also true for
loan payments. The advantage to using loan payment for loans over transfer
is that it will separate out the principal and interest automatically.




Jeff Durham

One other comment: Per my previous post, it is not so much the transactions
that have already been entered, but was is showing up in bills and deposit.
If you have a bill setup to pay a credit card, setup as a withdrawal from
the checking account and use the category "Credit Card Payment:

By the way, I am using Money 2003.


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