Budget question



I'm new to Money so bare with me.

I'm trying to create a new budget however i'm confused as to why some items
are listed twice on the expenses page. This happens where I have added an
expense to my bills.

For example: I download and import my transactions from my bank. Included
in this is my car insurance payment. I categorise this as 'Insurance : Car'
and then accept it. I then add this as a recurring bill.

Now when I run through creating budget, under the 'Vehicles/transportation'
group it lists both the Bill (£44.29) and 'Other expenses for "insurance :
Car"' (£0.00).

Why are both listed? Surely they are the same expense?



Glyn Simpson, MVP

My first question is what is in the budget NEXT month - the first month of a
budget can be slightly weird because that budget period is already running.
Looking at the next period, you can see what Money has actually got in there
for the future.

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