budgeting and lifetime planner - how to avoid double dipping?




I'm a long-time Quicken user. I'm using the demo version of Money 2003 with
the plan to complete the migration to Money to procure Money 2004 when
available later this month. Meantime, I'm working to build a new budget and
"life time plan".

I am finding some double-dipping.

- I want/need to include in my budget home mortgage/interest payments. In
fact Money doesn't let me remove this "debit" category from the budget. But
in the Lifetime planner, it includes these payments as a separate line item in
addition to the amount being in the budget. How can I prevent this double

- When I include college expense in my budget, again if I show these in the
Lifetime planner as planned expenditures, I get double-dipping. I am allowed
by Money to delete this from my budget ... but I'd like to keep in my budget
since it is an expense.

Any guidelines on how to set this up to
1. detect double dipping
2. eliminate double dipping



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