Budgets & Cashflow



I'm using MM 2001 still but the principle should be the same.
When setting up budget lines why can'y I specify the account the money
should come out of?I know I can do that in the Bills & Deposits setup area.
Some of my budget items are being taken out of the wrong account in the cash
flow review.
A budget contains 'definites' which are generally picked up from reoccurring
bills area or 'probables but unknowns' in the budget planner.Probables in the
budget still show up in the cash flow whether I've spent them or not.Then
when I do spend against that budget the amount and time may be different from
the budget yet the actaul spend still shows up in the cash flow along with
the budget amount so double counting.Budgets and cash flow are different
Any ideas anybody? This is driving me nuts.Thanks



Cal Learner

Any ideas anybody? This is driving me nuts.Thanks
Patience. Maybe somebody will come along who knows budgets and is
not put off by your repeats.


Apologies for the repeat. My line cut out and I wasn't sure if the post got
Didn't appreciate that this list was quite so sensitive.I'll be more careful
infuture ;-)



Glyn Simpson, MVP

In some versions (can't remember which), you could specify the account from
the categories section of the program from which items come from in the cash
flow. The way that Money calculates which account to use, I can;t remember,
but it might be via amounts or number of times you've used that account.

On the budget, treat it as a big pot of money which has accounts and
spending. Only when the money is spent does the account come into play.

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

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