Budgetting problem encountered



I am having a problem with the budgeting function of
Money 2002.

After entering my expense categories, I proceed to the
next screen entitled: "Review your current budget
status." The software has added an additional budget
category entitled: "Special" with a subcategory
entitled "debt." It has added an amount for this
category that I had not entered in my budget. There is
no telling where it got this figure, nor why it should
have added something to my budget that I do not want

Moreover, I cannot delete this budget category. The only
way to offset it is to add a corresponding income figure
to offset the expense item that Money inappropriately
added. However, when I checked the budget for the
following month, this phantom expense figure was
increased, so the corresponding income adjustment would
have to be changed manually every month, it appears.

This should not be necessary, obviously. Can anyone
offer some constructive solutions to this problem?






I am having the same problem.

The amount listed is the same amount I pay for one of my
student loans. It occurred when I set up an account to
track my student loan repayment status.

Fortunately, it doesn't appear in the following month's

I'm not sure how to remove this "special" item, but if I
figure it out, I'll be sure to post a message.

Good Luck!

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