Bug with USAA and Money 2004



It looks like USAA is all setup with MS Money since the
wizard seems to understand USAA's settings. (i.e. account
number and PIN requirements) However, Money fails to
work when setting up online services.
I think this has to do with the fact that Money wants to
use the account number and PIN for logon, rather than the
account number and password. Also, Money does not let
you use the password since the text field is set to 4
digits only.

I think that wires are crossed here, Money should require
you to input your account number then password and not
the PIN.

The USAA website direct login screen is setup this way
and works great.




USAA requires that you enable Money downloads at their web site. I don't
remember how to do this, but look through their information on the account.
Once you get it set up there as well as in Money, it should work fine. The
PIN and account # are what you use in Money - the password isn't used.

Nice security, but unclear.


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