Bulk-assign transactions to categories

Discussion in 'Microsoft Money' started by V S, May 28, 2004.

  1. V S

    V S Guest


    I downloaded a bunch of transactions from my bank want to
    assign them to appropriate categories. Money made a best
    guess on some of the transactions, but most of them are
    still unassigned. Is there a way to bulk-assign a bunch
    of transactions to one category _after_ they were
    downloaded from the bank ? I know that for transactions
    that I'll download from this point on Money will assign
    them to the right categories based on previous history.
    However right now I have about 200 unassigned
    transactions, I can't believe I have to go through them
    one-by-one manually ! I figured out a way to query for
    all transactions with certain text in the transaction
    name, but I could not find a way to assign them to a
    particular category. Can somebody help ?

    V S, May 28, 2004
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  2. I would make an extra copy of your file in case you do not like the
    result. Then go to Tools->FindAndReplace and choose the Advanced
    Search. Click Category and Clear All. Then select the two
    IncludeUnassigned.... boxes.

    After you do the Find portion, it will present a Replace
    portion. Select the Category you want to assign to those
    transactions that did not already have a category.

    Perhaps this is not what you meant. However you can just change your
    choices to make your desired action.
    Cal Learner-- MVP, May 28, 2004
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  3. V S

    Chris Cowles Guest

    If you already assigned them but want to change the assignment, use
    search/replace, limited to account and date range in question. Then pick the
    particular transactions you want to change and edit by replacing the data in
    the desired field.
    Chris Cowles, May 31, 2004
  4. V S


    Oct 11, 2012
    Likes Received:
    crucial information...gratitude

    I have used money for ten years now and struggled with categorizing manually each transaction from the bank. This tool search and replace is an easter egg that took me this long to hunt down. Many thanks.
    genexxer, Oct 11, 2012
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