Business advertising expense


Dan Doshan

Just what is deductible as an advertising expense. What is
the criteria for? For example, we were discussing an area
casino that sponsors a race car (local area races). Say
they spent 10,000 dollars on sponsorship and the car had the
name of the casino on it. Would this be a deductible
advertising expense or any kind of business deduction. My
first thought was no. As it would not appear to be any kind
of ordinary or necessary expense of a Casino business.

But companies sponsor all sorts of things. Buick sponsors
the Buick Open golf tournament. I assume they spend a lot
of money on this and I also assume they deduct this as a
business expense.

I have looked to try and find more specific information in
this regaard as to just what may or may not constitute a
legitimate expense, but really haven't found anything.

Dan D.


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