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Many businesses use "core" products such as accounting software,
"Office" products such as Excel, Word etc but there are many other
tools that could improve working methods.

Our new product - Business Power Tools - which had a working title of
Gizmos, Gadgets and Software - highlights many practical tools, both
hardware and software, that could be useful, or indeed, invaluable in
ANY business environment.

We have scoured the internet, computer magazines, newswires and
various other resources to identify potentially beneficial products
for the business to help enhance service delivery and efficiency. We
will continue to do so and will regularly update Power Tools on a
monthly basis.

Much of the software we have unearthed is TOTALLY FREE or free to try
for a period of time.

Just a few of the areas covered :-

Sending voicemails by email
USB ports to enable dual monitors
A calculator with tally roll
Remote access software
Screen capture tools
Voice over internet tools (VOIP)
Using VOIP on your mobile phone
CRM - is it for you? - try it out for free
Have you ever had to send a large file to a customer - or has a
tried to send you a file that is too large for email? We identify
which permits 100mb files to be transferred easily.
Addins for Excel to enhance its functionality
Office 2007 presentations - useful for staff training and awareness
Creating and using Blogs and Podcasts
And many more!!!! There are currently well over 120 areas covered! See
Table of Contents for a fulll list of areas covered.

Normally £6 per month - but currently available at a special launch
price of
£5 per month (the price of just one PC magazine) we will bring you
updates, news and product developments to keep you at the forefront of
fast moving IT world.


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