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Dear Accountancy Newsgroup

We at BUYING SUPPORT LTD have over the last 12 months been extremely
successful in partnering with a major UK accountancy company and offering
their clients specialist procurement expertise & training. Strategic
Purchasing is an area of increasing importance in the fight to maintain or
improve profit and Buying Support can support clients here. We offer sector
specialists as well as general purchasing expertise.

If you have either medium sized private sector or public sector clients and
you think they would be interested in reducing their costs in a sustainable
manner, then why not talk with us ? We will gladly meet you to discuss

Finally, as a way into clients we also offer to review certain of their
non-core purchasing items and services, saving them money in the short term.
This gains their trust and adds credibility. This also means that we can
help you directly as well. When was the last time anyone independently
reviewed your utilities or telecoms bills for example ? So give me a call on
01225 341043 to discuss further.

Many thanks

Matthew Roper
Managing Director,
Buying Support Ltd - your partner in purchasing

01225 341043
Email: (e-mail address removed)


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