Calculating Net Worth



I want to project my net worth forward by hand. It seems like this
should be a simple calculation, but I'm having troubles making the
numbers add up ;)

As far as I see it, I should be able to calculate future net worth
like this:

Future Worth = Net Worth Now + Income - Expenses + Asset

But I can't /always/ make these numbers work out. when I test the
scheme out by "predicting" my current net worth based on real values
from a few months ago Here's what I'm doing:

1) I take the net worth (from the net worth over time report) six
months ago.

2) Then I add "Income less Expenses" for the appropriate month (from
the Monthly income and expenses report, which by default is set to:
all accounts, all categories, and don't include transfers).

3) Finally, I look in the investment manager for the asset
appreciation. I calculate this by taking the 'price appreciation'
figure at the end of the month and subtracting the 'price
appreciation' figure from the end of the previous month.

This should then sum to the Net Worth of the next month (five months
ago). It seems to work about half the time. Results are to the penny.
But on some months I'm off by a ~3%.

Any ideas?


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