California Sales Tax application



We handle both over-the-counter and mail order sales to customers in and out
of state (California). We charge sales tax on all sales inside our county
(whether walk-in or mail ordered) at one rate. We charge sales tax to all
other California deliveries at another. We do not charge sales tax on out of
state sales.

Currently, we've set the customer field for tax matching to "state" and are
finessing in-county sales by giving a special state code in the ship-to
field. However, this is cumbersome, and less experienced staff miss
collections. Ideally, we should collect by zip code or, possibly, by city +
state. I'm not sure, however, how to set up a zip code scheme without
setting up a tax rate for every zip code in California.

How have others managed correct allocation? Thanks!




Hello MMS - if I understand correctly, you work with three tax areas; one tax
area (ie 8 percent) for sales inside your county, a second tax area (ie 6
percent) for sales inside CA but outside your county (where you only charge
say the state sales tax of six percent but not your local county tax of 2
percent) and a tax exempt area (zero percent) for all sales you ship out of
state. If this represents your situation, you can use the shift-F12 TAXES
to remove the county tax on a sale inside the state but outside your county.
Please repost if this doesn't apply or if I misunderstood - thanks

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