Calm down ear



it’s only a long commercial vehicle’s 45 ton iron curtain
going to put this to screen as we hold hour cc’s as we are the sea
shore that’s our seagulls.

Who wants to liar as we carry the on in witch we take hold of the war
as we drove cc’s (C. S. Lewis)

“Billy Ocean” private members bill

Red lion is switched on Robert Mugabe has had his fun played around
with out the ICC to tie him down till George Osborne (oz) kings mi6
need’s funding and we will stay until the flames have gone garden
power levers catch up with me

When the going gets tough when the dole gets stuff straight flip (oz)
as the 44 silver President spiritually stole from e.. When the gold
gets tough cos we have no more puddles in the house, and our dog has
desire to play with UGO DOG

O Osborne can u re pub once more mountain can you govern me judge me
I fly these cc’s
mark patrick norris


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