Can anyone help ?


Buying Support

Dear all

I hope this is not seen as spam - please can you provide feedback as to
whether this is appropriate for this newsgroup as I don't wish to offend. If
it is inappropriate I will not post again.

We are seeking people who have purchasing experience based in the UK, who
want to work within a team of committed procurement associates. We can find
them purchasing consultancy work plus there is ongoing residual income
available. Not just that, 10% of our profits go to a chosen cancer charity.
So if you know of anyone who has CIPS qualifications, strategic procurement
experience who has perhaps just been made redundant or who is seeking a new
career challenge, then please ask them to get in touch with us.

Finally, if you are an accountant who has clients who need to cut their
purchasing costs, perhaps we can help them ? If they have a turnover of more
than £2m we can increase their profitability. Introducing us also
demonstrates that you have additional services that you are seen to be
offering, thus keeps your clients happy.

Many thanks

Matthew Roper
Buying Support Ltd

Tel: 01225 341043

(e-mail address removed)


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