can I convert Money 98 file from old computer with Money 2004?



I have Money 98 on an old computer but have recently
upgraded to new computer with Windows XP. If I install
Money 2004 on the new computer, I should be able to copy my
old Money 98 file to my new computer and open it with Money
2004, right? Do I need to rename the file with special file
extension for Money 2004 to convert? Or any other special




Dick Watson

Right. Nope. None.

Assuming that new version is same locale as old version (no M98UK -> M04 US,
for instance). Also, note this is how it is **supposed** to work. Some
people have problems with some old files. Most don't. Whatever else you do,
do not trash the old file on the old machine 'til you get the new file up
and working. Beware also that Tools|Options settings (like check printing
alignment offsets) are not stored in the data file and you will have to move
the important/non-obvious ones (e.g., check printing alignment offsets) by




I just tried doing this same operation, but my new
installation is on Win2000. The file opened fine, no
errors or anything, however it only has my income in
there. All of my expenses and debt information is
completely missing.

Have you learned anything in the days since you upgraded?


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