can not receipt a negative amount


Ken Smith

Does anyone know if there is a way around this:

It seems you can not receipt a negative amount to a customer account.

1) A customer was overcharged on his credit card by $500.00 for his first
invoice. so his account shows an unapplied balance of $500.
2) The customer has another small invoice for $100.00 the next day
3) We give a credit card credit back the next day for $500.00 for the first
invoice that was overpaid

When i try to receipt as unapplied (not selecting any invoices) I get the
message: [ The total payments in lines cannot exceed the amount received. ]

When I try to apply this credit to an invoice (any invoice) I get the
message: [ Amount cannot be negative. ]

Was this Senario never thought of during development?
Does anyone have a workaraound/suggestion?

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions




Ken Smith

Found a workaround:

1) I went into "Make a deposit"
2) I added a new Deposit line
3) entered a credit amount
4) it worked - able to make a negative deposit (Credit card credit given to
a customer)

But this triggered another problem. My credit card company charges their
fees against each batch when it hits my bank account. I apply this fee to a
Merchant fees expense by utilizing the "Cash-Back Account" and "Cash-Back
Amount" fields in the [Make deposit] function. Since my credit card company
charged a fee for this credit I gave (darn them) , I got a message (Cash back
can not be more than the deposit).

so... I had to make a separate bank adjustment to handle this.

Not done yet though... I had to go back into: Customers > Receive payment
and zero out the unused credit against this amount by creating a zero
receipt (luckily the application allows zero receipts)

Try finding that in the help section :)

Does anyone know a better solution since this senario may happen from


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