Can reports show a percentage?


JD Byers

Is there a way to show a percentage in the SO reports? I would like a report
to show the profit as a percentage of the sales on a few reports.

Thanks, JD Byers




Sure ... have several reports that I modified to show this. See below.

Begin Column
FieldName = "ProfitMargin"
DrillDownFieldName = ""
DrillDownReportName = ""
StoreIDFieldName = ""
Title = "Margin"
VBDataType = vbDouble
Formula = "CASE WHEN ViewStoreSales.TotalSales > 0 THEN
(VIEWStoreSales.TotalSales-VIEWStoreQty.TotalCost) /
ViewStoreSales.TotalSales END"
ColHidden = False
ColNotDisplayable = False
FilterDisabled = False
ColWidth = 750
GroupMethod = groupmethodAverage
ColFormat = "%.##"
ColAlignment = flexAlignRightCenter
End Column




Luminox - did you create ViewStoreSales and ViewStoreQty as views in the db?
Do you need to reference them in the PreQuery section of the report (ie...if
EXISTS view ViewstoreSales drop it....then CREATE VIEW ViewStoreSales AS....)
Or can you reference the view in the columns without any mention in the
prequeries of the report? I need to do some similar reporting with percent
of daily sales and I'd like to follow your path - you can probably save me
quite a bit of time with your answers -

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