Can the POS screen default to "Work Order"



Is it possible to have the POS to have new transactions automaticly come up
as work orders?



Ryan @ RITE

This can certainly be done through a customization. If you are interested
please give us a ring at 1-888-267-RITE or drop us an email at
(e-mail address removed).

Thank you,

Ryan Sakry
Program Manager
Retail Information Technology Enterprises (RITE)
(e-mail address removed)
320-230-2282 ext. 4002 (Office)
320-230-1796 (Fax)

Terrible Tom

I have an open source add-in you can have that preempts the transaction
screen with a small form. The choices presented are:

1. Sale/Return
2. Delivery Order
3. Special Order

If you choose SO or DO, you are REQUIRED to enter a deposit amount (can be
zero, but some entry is required) and set a due date (default due date is
current date). SO/DO also enters 'SO' into the Order Details Reference
Number and 'Special Order' in the Order Details Comment field. DO replaces
'Special' with 'Delivery'.

It may not be precisely what you want, but it's free...



If you pick DO or SO, will the transaction screen then come up as a work

If so, that would be perfect! I honestly think there will be more regular
sales than my mom is thinking and having it always come up as a WO will be
more of a pain than a help. But, she's the boss, so I try to make her happy!


Ken Schultz

Hi Tom

Just to clarify - does your add-in work with Microsoft POS 2 or RMS?

I've been wanting to buy MSPOS 2 because of its integration with MS
Accounting 2007 but have been told it cannot handle Special Orders where the
customer pays a 50% deposit.

If it works with MSPOS I would be very keen to obtain your source code.

your response and comments would be appreciated.




Afshin Alikhani

If you use RMS then our Store Utility Add-on has this option (as well as
many other). You can define by terminal whether they should default to
Sales, Quote, Layaway or Work order. Additionally you can define whether
the terminal should remain signed on or go to a log on screen every time.
You can even make it mandatory for a terminal to work in one particular
mode. If you wish to know more or try out our add-on contact me.

Afshin Alikhani - [ (e-mail address removed) ]
CEO - Retail Realm
= = = = = = = = = = =


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