Cannot remove Overdue bill form Home page



I have an overdue bill notice stuck on my home page under "Bills and
Deposits" yet under the regular bills abd deposits I don't see that bill.

What happened was this:

I had a bill that was for $150. I setup a recurring bill payment for $25 a
month and set the payment number to "6" until it would be paid off. When
there was $50 left, I just paid the whole bill. The next month rolled
around and somehow money05 thought that bill still needed to be paid and now
shows it as past due.

I have closed the account.
I have tried deleting the account altogether.
I have tried file repair.

Yet, the bill is still stuck on the home page under hte category of "Bills
and Deposits" When I click on that listing, it takes me to the Bills and
Deposits page, but then highlights the very top listing, no matter what that
might be. If I select any other upcoming bill form the home page, it goes
to the bills nad deposits page but then correctly highlights that actual
corresponding bill.

Somehow it is stuck on the home page yet does't correlate to any real
scheduled bill.

I was hoping htat the update to M06 Premium would fix that but no luck.

Any ideas out there??




Matt Kress

I had a similar problem and was able to resolve it by going into the calendar
view for the bills and going back in time to when the bill was from, right
clicking (I think) on the bill name in the calendar and deleting it.
Hopefully that is clear and will solve your problem.



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