can't email invoice



I am having a problem trying to email an invoice. The error is :The
following Word error occured: Unspecified error.
I have uninstalled with a Micosoft document to completely remove SBA,
reinstalled and get the same problem. Multiuser settings are disabled, I
have turned off my Norton Internet Security and Firewall.
I am using Small Business Management Edition 2003

Any help will be appreciated.




Well, I have searched this group for help with my problem and found only one
thread that indicates tha MS may be doing something. Anyway, I have
installed XP pro, changed gobs of settings and still can't email an invoice
fro SBA.

The error indicates Word has a problem. I have searched the Word forums and
found nothing. I can email from word!

Here is another anomoly. When I export to Word, word has a blank document
in focus and the exported doc minimized.

I can't figuire it out, but I want to be able to email an invoice.


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