can't make deposits


Little Guy

i tried to enter deposits in the account register (get an error request
amount even though amount is entered) and in the deposit form. the deposit
form save the deposit but the deposit doesn't register any where.

i'm using this for my smaill business but the software is unusable if i
can't enter deposits...i might as well use quick books!

any thoughts on what this might be?




Are you depositing a payment from a customer, putting in start up funds, or
making a deposit from money out of your pocket for the business?



Lance [MSFT]

Desposts are entered on a different screen ... yes I find that awkward too.

Here's how to get to the desposit screen from the account register.

On the bank account register, there is a 'New Transaction' button along the
top of the screen. Click that and then select 'Deposit Customer Payments'

If using the deposit screen, click on a blank line, then set the 'type'
(either Vendor, Vustomer, or directly record it as income using 'Financial
Account') pick an account (customer name, vendor name, or financial account
name) set and then set an amount.

If entering multiple deposits, fill in additional rows for the others.

Hope this helps.

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