Can't see "Items to Review" with MS Money Plus Deluxe


Dave M.

I've been using MS Money for years and this weekend downloaded, installed and
activated Money Plus Deluxe.

Now, suddenly, I cannot see downloaded "Items to review" in my checking
account register.

Each morning, I visit the Bank of America website and download checking
account transactions. I save this as an .ofx file, then import the file into
Money (File/Import/Downloaded Statement). That all works fine; the file is
successfully imported (I know that because I can see there are 5 items to
review in the upper left corner of the Account Register screen).

The problem is that I cannot see the transactions (to accept or change) in
the register itself. There's probably just a setting that needs to be
changed, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.

Any help would be apprfeciated.





Dave M.

I shut down and restarted Money Plus and the transactions appeared. If this
happens again tomorrow, i'll ask for help again!


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