Can't use my password in 2005



I know 2005 seems to have a lot of issues, but I can't find any answers for
my problem. I installed Money 2005 from 2003. Now it tells me that my
password or e-mail is incorrect, and I can't open my file I was running in
2003. I had no problems in 2003. I've done everything I can think of that
seemed at all relevant from this newsgroup and microsoft support. Other
relevant info:
-I have the most updated version (
-I can't open my file or the backups (same error for all)
-I used my passport for 2003, and I can still log into passport web
sites or programs (i.e. messenger), but it won't accept it for 2005 (same
e-mail, too)
-I've done the quick repair tool, but can't use the super salv program requires a password! And it says mine is invalid!
-I have registered the Msxml3.dll file
-And probably a couple of other things I can't remember.

I'm just guessing, but the closest problem to mine seems to be when someone
is trying to open their file in a previous version; but I'm trying to go
forward! Should I just take it back and buy 2004? Anybody who likes a
challenge willing to take up this problem?



Richard Bollar

Did you try opening the sample.mny file? If you can open it, you can at
least determine you have an issue with your file, and not the Money

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