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Sep 21, 2014
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Hi everybody,

I am new to this website and I apologise if someone else has already asked the same question as me..

I am in my mid-thirties and I would like to work in the accounting industry and eventually become an accountant. I have got a decent educational background ( I have got a BSc in business administration and a Msc in Management) but unfortunately I havent got much experience apart from 6 months coding and registering invoices into a computer few years ago. At the moment i am studying towards ACCA qualification and I am working in the sales industry selling accounting products on the phone to some of the largest accounting firms in the worId - which might be potentially useful while writing about myself in the cover letter...

I am aware I'll have to start from the bottom but I am struggling to understand which position I should apply for. Should I apply for bookkeeping and Accounts Assistant position only? I would really appreciate if you could help me making the right decision...

Sep 20, 2014
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Apply for anything that comes up. I am not sure where you reside, but you if reside in the U.S. - look into Accounttempts or Robert Half. These two are temp agencies strictly for the Finance/Accounting fields and they are nationwide. That is how I obtained my first position within the accounting field as an Entry Level Staff Accountant. Just keep a keen eye out for any positions within the Accounting field, a foot in the door and key so whoever will give you that chance. You could even call around to various CPA firms and see if there is any thing you could help them out with..
Jul 14, 2014
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Great news is that you have finished the studies and you have to focus on the work. It doesnt matter to apply for bookkeeping or Accounts Assistant , important is to have a job that you will start learn legislation and all the neccesary info.Working experience it different what you have study until now.


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Jan 6, 2013
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Take what you can get to get yourself into an accountancy orientated job, and then move onwards and upwards from there.

In particular, you're now studying towards ACCA, so look out for jobs where the employer is looking for people studying towards ACCA/CIMA - a lot of employers advertise support for candidates working towards either. Netting a job offering that would be ideal because you'd be clocking up the 3 years practical experience needed to be qualified ACCA at the same time as doing the exams.

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