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Dec 21, 2015
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United States
What could I expect if I decided to switch to a career in accounting or any other financial discipline (except sales)? I'm looking specifically for opportunities in Orange County CA.

1) How easy would it be to find employment?
2) What could I expect for a minimum and maximum beginning salary?
3) What path would you recommend as an entry into accounting/finance with my background?

My general background:

1) BA Economics, Cum Laude, Cal. State University, at Long Beach. 2008
2) U.S. Marine leadership experience, and education equivalent to an Associates degree in electronics.
3) 21 years experience fixing technical problems on helicopters and corporate jets.
4) Exemplary personal finance management. (Excellent credit and no history of legal problems).
5) Crossover skills: Highly detail oriented with a history of fixing difficult technical problems on electronics.
And a passion for Economics and finance.
6) 41 year old male. Willing to take a fairly substantial pay cut for a career change because my current assets if left alone will support a comfortable retirement.

Thanks all!


Aug 13, 2013
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I suggest you take a short accounting course (manual accounting and computerized accounting) and then apply for Assistant accountant / junior accountant / trainee accountant jobs. The course will serve as a reminder of accounting basics as well as make your Résumé more effective.

For your CV, the most relevant items are number 1 ( BA Economics) and your passion for accounting / Finance and required skills (attention to detail, etc). Other items you listed can be discussed in an interview but would not help your resume. [self-promotion removed]

To get an idea of requirements for junior / trainee accounting jobs, have a look at job advertisements in your area. This will help you know which courses to pursue and what skills to get in order to be successful in getting a job.
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