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I am currently studying for my 2nd bachelor degree in accounting. I
received my BS in computer science from in May 2003, with a GPA of 3.15. In
my senior year, I had an informal internship in one of the departments at
school, providing tech support and doing webpage design related work. But I
did not have any real world working experience in the field of computer
science. I did not have any internship in the previous summers either.
After graduation, I did not find any desired opportunity in computer
science. So I decided to go for a BA in accounting. I started in September
2003 and I am expected to graduate in December of this year. After the
first taste of the horrible feeling of unemployent, I realized that I have
to do a lot more. I improved my GPA to3.5+ since I was able to get a fresh
start. I started working part time for about 15 Hrs/wk in a small CPA/Law
firm since October of 2003. My major responsibility is to enter the bank
statements and reconcile them. I have to say it's not the most pleasant job
in the world. During the tax season, I was asked to collate corporation and
personal tax returns, and ocassionally trust returns. Right now, I am going
to summer school because I had to, otherwise I would not be able to graduate
on time. The down side is that I couldn't fit an internship in my schedule.
After the summer, the only accounting courses left for me to take are
Advanced Accounting and Auditing I and II.
I know that I should begin job searching again once the fall
semester starts. Hopefully, I can land a position in one of the big four.
But I still have about 6 months before graduation. My question is what else
can I do during this period of time to improve my chance of getting an offer
from a firm, knowing that I have to maintain my academic standing and keep
working at the part time job. Should I look for a better internship for the
fall semester? Maybe I should join one of the accounting societies at
school? I am not so sure about what I have to do.

Any suggestions are deeply appreciated.

from NYC





Shoot me an email at (e-mail address removed) I've got some info you might be
interested in, and maybe some insight that a recent (May 02) graduate
can give you.




Join professional organizations as a student ( cheap) and network, network, network.

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