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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi all,

This is my first time posting in an accountancy forum. I am seeking for some advice as to what next step should be. I'll give you a brief background on myself. I am 25 years old and have graduate in "Accounting and Finance" in 2010 with a first class degree. I am not really academically outstanding. I have A-C in 7 GCSE including Maths, Science, English, D in A-Level maths and D AS-Level ICT.

Currently I am working as a Finance Assistant in the sales ledger (invoicing, credit control activities and posting cash onto our system) for 7 months (started in September 2012) and the role is not a very good match for me as I prefer accounting tasks.

My career objective is to be a financial accountant preferably in practice as I would like to apply accounting principles to a wide range of accounts from different industries but I have no objections to accounting roles in industry. I have tried applying for graduate accounting roles but with no luck due to lack of UCAS points and non-relevant work experience.

I'm at a stage where I would like to sign up on a course to better my job hunting opportunities and prospects. My workplace offers an AAT course which I find attractive as I have looked at their syllabus which focuses on the technicality of accounting but I have also looked at ACCA where I am eligible for exemptions from all the foundation papers except auditing.

I have been in the sales ledger role for 7 months and I feel as though the content I have learned from university is slowly diminishing as I don't use the knowledge often enough.

I would like to take AAT course to refresh my knowledge but I am concerned if I do take AAT (which is a respectable qualification) it may seem to employers I am taking a step back compared to progressing forward with ACCA course from my degree.

Please help.

I know my post is lengthy and I appreciate your time in reading and any feedback.


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