Caseware Caseview problem with rounding

Discussion in 'Accounting Software' started by Andy, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    In our Caseview financial statements, the default for rounding is
    accounts payable to balance the balance sheet. Our problem is that
    when we have a client that has no accounts payable it will put $1 into
    that account which we obviously do not want. Is there something in
    Caseview that would allow us to round to another balance sheet account
    with the click of a button?? The answer would be of huge help!!
    Thanks in advance,
    Andy, Jan 29, 2004
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  2. Andy

    JoelN Guest

    Goto tools - rounding. You click it off and choose you own account for
    rounding manually, I prefer that anyway.
    JoelN, Feb 17, 2004
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  3. Andy

    John Smith Guest

    (Andy) wrote in message
    We set up our template with input cells to the right of the number
    columns. We link to the trial balance using map numbers. Our default
    rounding account is also the A/P line. If there is no A/P, the input
    cell lets us substitute say the income taxes payable into the accounts
    payable line and we avoid having the $1 rounding show up as accounts
    payable. This would also work if you link using account numbers and
    provides a lot of flexibility.

    You can also use scripts to write a little program to control the
    "round-to" account, but this feature is not very well documented in
    the CaseView documentation.
    John Smith, Feb 29, 2004
  4. Andy


    Dec 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Rounding in the JAZZ-it! financials

    In the JAZZ-it! financial statements, click on the show rounding button at the top of the balance sheet and select the account to round to.

    Best wishes,
    Michael Chew, CMA
    Mchew, Dec 18, 2008
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