Cash Accounts for Investments

Discussion in 'Microsoft Money UK' started by Andy Leese, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Andy Leese

    Andy Leese Guest

    I have two stocks held with the same Financial Institution. Each stock
    carries its' own Cash account (I opted for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan).
    However, since Microsoft Money recognises them as being from the same
    Financial Institution, it collates them into one Cash account. Is there a
    correct way to split them?

    I'm sorting through previous financial records, in an attempt to get Money
    up to date. Hence the influx of questions. Sorry :)

    Thank you in advance.

    Andy Leese, Jul 22, 2010
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  2. Andy Leese

    Cal Learner Guest

    You are duplicating your posts elsewhere.
    Cal Learner, Jul 23, 2010
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