Cash In An Investment Account


John Gregory

For years I've been carrying cash in an IRA as "Fidelity Cash Reserve" with
a "Price" of $1 and the number of shares equal to the actual value of the

About two weeks ago, that "Price" mysteriously changed to $11.53. There's no
symbol associated with it when I check my Security List (although it's
carried as a mutual fund. When I tab "Finance/Download Summary/Online
Quotes" and look under the accounts that contain this cash, I see a price
recorded in the price column as "est 11.53". Cash held in another brokerage
account simply as "Fidelity Brokerage Cash" correctly displays as $1 in the
Price field. I'm puzzled. Does anyone have the slightest idea what's going
on here? All the entries in the Price field for the transactions that
occurred involving "Fidelity Cash Reserve" are correct at $1. Then, however,
comes the "est 11.53" which - when I check the Security Detail View shows a
last of that amount ($11.53) made on 8-30-03. I'm afraid to change it to $1
until I have a better understand of what might be at play here.

I'm the only one with access to the machine and the last transaction I
posted is dated back in March of this year.


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