Ok this is really greek to me.....starting balance make no
sense when I use all Day to day accounts but individual
accounts do. Should't it match by Total account balance
on My Accounts list page??

Also is there any way to change the day or date that
weekly budget amounts are applied to cash flow? For
instance I have a fuel account..Deposits are made on
Friday to the bank accounts but the fuel budget comes out
on Thursdays so it always dips negative in the cash flow.
It corrects on Friday but its a "sore spot" for my eyes.




Dick Watson

The answer to the latter is no.

The answer to the former is probably not--there are probably accounts listed
in the total account balance on My Accounts that are not day-to-day

From on-line help:

Your checking, savings, cash, investment cash, and other accounts that are
not designated for long-term savings or retirement purposes. Day-to-day
accounts do not include retirement plans or asset accounts (such as your
house). Whether an account is a day-to-day account or a non-day-to-day
account is determined by the account type and cannot be changed.

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