Categories, Budget and Category Groups?



I am new to Money 2007 Premium and am a little stumped by the
category/subcategory/category group model, the defaults available and the
relation to my Budget.

I was about to assign my rent a category when I noticed that I was able to
choose either Mortgage/Rent (Rent Bill) or Bills-Rent (Rent Bill). Why would
they both exist by default? I see that the Mortgage/Rent category is an
"Essential" category, but why would switching to "Advanced" give me two of
the same?

What long-term effect is this decision going to have and what is the
rationale for having two options for what essentially seems to be the same
exact expense?

It seems natural to throw every bill under Bills-?, but at the same time I
can appreciate that there may be a benefit to keeping items at the category
level (although that seems to be the dummed down way to go given that
"Advanced" insinuates that it is more intricate). I also have no idea what
extra purpose that Category Group serves. How will all of this impact my





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