CCH TAX NEWS for July 28, 2005


John H. Fisher

CCH TAX NEWS for July 28, 2005

Burying the Billable Hour--Audio Seminar Scheduled for July
28. Is your firm's profitability slipping even though your
workload has remained the same? Is the time-honored system
of billable hours causing a steady erosion in your profits?
Value pricing expert Ron Baker has some ideas for making
your firm more profitable and your clients happier with the
services you provide by stepping away from billable hours
and moving toward value pricing that looks at what the
clients perceived value of your services is, not just how
many hours it took to do the work. Learn all about how to
boost your practice's profitability in a live CCH audio
seminar at 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Central on Thursday, July 28.
For information and to register go to


Congress Set to Pass Conference Report to HR 6, Energy Policy Act of

Profit-Sharing Plan Failed to Meet Nonforfeiture Requirements Due to
Restriction on Medical Reimbursement Account Payments (Rev. Rul.

Aircraft Charter Business That Incurred Losses for 12 Straight Years
Was For-Profit Activity (Rabinowitz, TCM)


Oregon --Corporate Income, Property Taxes: Business Development Tax
Incentives Amended

Vermont --Corporate, Personal Income Taxes: Wood Products Manufacturing
Income Tax Credit Enacted

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