CCH Tax News Headlines - July 28, 2019



CCH Tax News Headlines - July 28, 2019

Federal Headlines:

7/28/2010 - _Senate Returns to Small Business Jobs Bill_

7/28/2010 - _Senate Democrats Unveil Scaled-Down Energy Bill_

7/28/2010 - _Tax Court Had Jurisdiction Over Individual In Bankruptcy
(Klein, TC)_ (

7/28/2010 - _Investment Program Lacked Economic Substance; Refund Claim
Properly Denied (Sala, CA-10)_
State Headlines:

7/28/2010 - _California --Personal Income Tax: Underpayment of Estimated
Tax Penalty Erroneously Assessed_

7/28/2010 - _New York --Sales and Use Tax: Telephone Directory Publisher
Failed to Qualify for Exemption_
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highlights_ ( .


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